úterý 17. února 2015

Lucy's Decision

(Inspired by Hopper's Nighthawks and Ernest Hemingway)

Four o'clock am. A restaurant in the downtown. A place off the beaten track in this time but four freaks inside. There was a well lighted bar behind the glass and the surroundings were very spacious. The walls were umber and wooden tables were shining like never before. A white dressed bartender was washing-up, while a lady in a red blouse was silently talking with two mysterious chaps shrouded in dark coats:
He always returns back this way. Give him 10 minutes and he's here, right?“
“Don't be foolish Lucy,“ said Evind pensively but with a sharp tone, “if I had known I wouldn't even get up!“
John laughed: “So here we go! This is how it begins. Great. You know what? You can't do that when you're annoyed by itself.
Evie, just...“
...just imagine those streets in Paris,“ Lucy wooed Evind ignoring John's inept comments. “cabaret, chansons, garlands and us passed by French elegancy and caught in the charm of honeymoon!“
“You're crazy my love this is not possible. He will kick my ass. Have you already forgotten about those bruises?“
“More whisky for this hero please!“
They knew he was listening but nobody had awaited that he would twitch himself so much. He was kind of a good fellow with such a good reputation of his bar. He knew everything about his customers but he told nothing about them. Therefore Lucy and Evind could start their romance right here.
And what do you think I should tell him?“ Asked Evind curtly. “This is your desicion we don't need his approval. He doesn't even have to know that.“

Meanwhile the bartender poured out more whisky to Evind who was holding Lucy's hand and gazing to her eyes trying to show her a reality. “It's finished. No more. No arguments, no struggles, no pain ok? He has betrayed you. Not you him. Although you can feel so. This is just up to you, not up to him anymore.“
She smiled uncertainly: “I see but...“
No but sweety. When he comes I'll show him. He will never atack you again. I'll protect you. And as soon as possible we will leave for France I promise.“
The door opened and a strong man with evil face entered. He was tall and bald. His head was glistening and he stank. A cigarette in his right hand. Stupid eyes. He seemed to be drunk and probably ten years older than Lucy. He looked unfriendly at Evind and he said powerfully:
You again! How can you dare to show here you idiot?! First you tease my wife and now! Now you write letters! But you know what?! Look at this Lucy!“
He threw an old piece of paper to Lucy and she looked at it. Her eyes went red.
“Evind?!!! Is that truth?! Really Morrison offred you money for taking me out of here?“
“Let me explain it to you sweety...“
A fellow like mountain said: “Lucy we are leaving! I want to take you to San Francisco tomorrow. You need a rest.“
Lucy stood up. For the last time she looked at Evind and than she made her step to the future. 

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